Weston & Turner, novice private detectives, are plunged into a nightmare world of murder when they are hired by a rich young woman to solve the triple murder of her family, a crime the police failed to solve 11 years ago. And not only does family-man Freddie Weston have to risk his life on behalf of their client but his problems are compounded by threats to his daughter's safety. When he discovers a guman's boss is the mysterious Eclipse, his investigations take him on a mad dash to Poland and he becomes involved in a race against time to prevent another murder, one for which he is willing to risk everything, even his own life.

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 A drunken farmer is murdered and Swansea police detective Harry Lambert is unable to discover a motive for what looks like the work of a professional killer. But before long the hunter becomes the hunted as an ex-SAS soldier escapes to remote, rural West Wales, pursued by DI Lambert. The trail is strewn with all manner of intriguing debris: terrorism, Celtic mystycism and tortured relationships. Each man struggling to shrug off the complexities of the past. Each man having to surrender to the present. Each man, in his own way, killing.


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Why has life suddenly become so complicated for affable Freddie Weston? He supplies bouncers to London clubs and always puts his family first. But his daughter's involvement with a rock guitarist ignites an anger in him that could endanger the family home, and his life becomes ever more complicated as he seeks retribution, not only for his daughter but for  his father who was killed more than 40 years ago. Determined to get at the truth, Freddie delves deep into London's dark and dangerous gang world. But will the awful truth mean closure after all these years, or will it torment him for the rest of his life?  (A Deadly Diversion is the 2nd Freddie Weston thriller)

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The four books below are only available in electronic book form now. Careless Talk is a drama set in Tunbridge Wells where a few characters become embroiled in revenge, rape, suicide and murder, and More Careless Talk is the sequel. Willie the Actor is a crime novel based on true events that happened in New York City in the prohibition era, featuring real-life gangsters like Dutch Schultz. Flashback - An Actor's Life is my autobiography. This is only available on Amazon Kindle. The other three books are available on all e-book outlets such as Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and many other electronic book publishers.